The Executive Committee expects that commissions will adhere to the following guidelines, as appropriate:

• Each commission should have an active leader or chair (point of contact) and board of officers (for instance, ex-officio chair, vice-chair, secretary).

• Leader and board of officers should be elected every 4 years (or every 2 years if desired), within commission.

• Report activities to IAVCEI Vice-Presidents and your Liaison Committee every year (briefly), with a full report to be delivered to the VPs (and Executive Committee) every 4 years. If a commission receives IAVCEI funding for an activity then a report to the EC must be made one month after the end of the activity.

• The election of new office bearers for all commissions and presentation of final reports by the outgoing executives of all commissions should take place at a business meeting for each commission during IAVCEI Scientific Assemblies for commissions electing a board every 4 years, or at these meetings and at IUGG General Assemblies for those commissions electing board every 2 years.

• Leader and board of officers should promote advances in volcanology by coordinating the affiliated members and boosting the organization of working groups to study specific topics, or by some other mechanism.

• Leader and board of officers should promote the participation of young scientists in the activities of the commission and as board officers.

• Leader and board of officers should promote collaboration with other commissions via LCs.

• Organize a workshop or meeting (or equivalent activity) at least once every 4 years.

• Organize (or co-organize) symposia and workshops that contribute to IAVCEI/IUGG General and Scientific Assemblies.

• Promote and enhance the participation of their members in the IUGG General Assemblies.

• Keep a website that clearly acknowledges IAVCEI affiliation, and that includes an updated (at least once a year) register of members. Website shall be hosted, or have a webpage and link, on the IAVCEI VHub site.

• Use the above register of commission members to communicate with them at least once per year via an e-newsletter about commission activities and forthcoming commission workshops and programs at IAVCEI conferences.

• Ensure that commission members are IAVCEI members.