The International Council of Science (ICSU) highlighted at main page of its web site the IUGG and IUGS efforts to attract the attention of scientists and society to problems of natural hazards and environmental disasters ( www.ICSU.org ). The IUGG Resolution, based on the Statement of the IUGG Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability ( www.iugg-georisk.org/Statement_NatHaz2010.pdf)   and IUGG Resolution 8 “Reduction of Risk from Natural Hazards” adopted in Perugia in 2007 ( http://www.iugg.org/resolutions/perugia07.pdf ), is posted at the ICSU web-page:   http://www.icsu.org/Gestion/img/ICSU_DOC_DOWNLOAD/3014_DD_FILE_IUGG_NatHazResolution.pdf . I remind you that IAVCEI is one of the eight associations belonging to IUGG and as part of it we have also contributed to attract the ICSU attention to this Statement and Resolution and to remark the importance of the Science on Natural Hazards and Environmental Disasters in reducing natural risk.