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Title of Meeting Date Location Abstract Volume Call Number or web
Andean and Antarctic Volcanology Problems 1974 Santiago, Chile QE461
S935 1974
Durham, UK 1977 Durham, UK QE501
P45 1977
Hawaii Symposium on Intraplate Volcanism and Submarine Volcanism 1979 Hilo, Hawaii QE527
H33 1979
Japan. Arc Volcanism 1981 Tokyo & Hakone QE521.5
A12 1981
Reykjavik, Iceland 1982 Reykjavik, Iceland QE462
B3 I38 1982
Potassic Volcanism - Mt. Etna Volcano 1985 Giardini-Naxos, Italy QE272
I58 A2 1985
International Volcanological Congress
Rotorua-New Zealand
1986 Auckland,  New Zealand QE527
I576 1986
USA. How Volcanoes Work 1987 Hilo, Hawaii QE521.5
H38 1987
Continental Magmatism 1989  Santa Fe, NM, USA QE461
I56 1989
International Volcanological Congress 1990 Mainz, Germany QE521.5
I59 1990
International Conference on Active Volcanoes and Risk Mitigation 1991 Napoli, Italy QE521.5
I38 1991
Ancient Volcanism and Modern Analogues 1993 Canberra, Australia QE521.5
I57 1993
International Volcanological Congress 1994  Ankara, Turkey QE521.5
 I38 1994
Volcanic Activity and the Environment 1997  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico QE521.5
I58 1997
Magmatic Diversity; Volcanoes and Their Roots 1998 Capetown, South Africa QE521.5
I28 1998
Cities on Volcanoes I  1998 Rome and Naples, Italy QE521.5
C58 1998
Exploring Volcanoes: Utilization of their resources and mitigation of their hazards 2000 Bali, Indonesia QE521.5
I38 2000
Cities on Volcanoes II February 12-18
Auckland, New Zealand QE521.5
C58 2001
Penrose Conference June 7-12
Mammoth Lakes, California pending
Chapman Conference on Explosive Subaqueous Volcanism January 21-25
Dunedin, New Zealand QE511.7 E97 2003

ISBN: 087590999X
IAVCEI 1902 Centennial Workshop May 12-16
Mount Pelee, Martinique QE 521.5
M66 2002
3rd Biennial Workshop on Subduction Processes in the
Kurile-Kamchatka-Aleutian Arcs
June 9-15,
Fairbanks, Alaska
QE 521.5
B54 2002
Chapman Conference on Volcanism and the Earth's Atmosphere
June 20-24,
Santorini, Greece QE 521.5
A44 2002
International Symposium on Interaction Between Volcanoes and Their Basement and Related Geological Hazards October 22-23,
Milan, Italy pending
Central Andes International Volcanological Course November 19-27,
Salta, Argentina pending
XXIII General Assembly of the IUGG - Sapporo, Japan June 30-July 11,
Sapporo, Japan QB 572
I53 2003 v.1-v.5
Cities on Volcanoes 3 July 14-18,
Hilo, Hawaii QE 521.5
C58 2003
State-of-the-Arc Aug. 16-21,
Cascades, USA QE 521.5
I58 2003
3rd International Workshop: Basement Volcanoes Interplay and Human Activities and Field Workshop Aug. 24-27,
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, RUSSIA QE 521.5
I584 2003
Penrose Conference: PLUME IV: Beyond The Plume Hypothesis Aug. 25-29,
Hveragerdi, Iceland pending
South Aegean Active Volcanic Arc:
Present Knowledge and Future Perspectives
September 17-20,
Milos Island, Greece pending
IAVCEI Work-shop, Neogene-Quaternary Continental
Margin Volcanism.
The Mexican Volcanic Belt.
January 18-22,
Mexico City, MEXICO pending
The 2nd International Symposium on Volcanic Ash and Aviation Safety
Washington, DC
June 21-24
Washington, DC, USA QE 521.5
I586 2004
International Geological Congress August 16-26
Florence, Italy pending
MEEMSV IV International Workshop September 5-9
La Londe les Maures, France pending
2nd International Maar Conference September 15-29
I588 2004
IAVCEI 2004 General Assembly
Volcanism and its Impact on Society
November 14-19
Pucón, Chile Abstracts and Posters

Field Guides

QE521.5.I58 2004
International Workshop on Ocean Island Volcanism April 1-9
Cape Verde Islands pending
Workshop on Caldera Volcanism: Analysis, Modeling and Response Oct 15-21
Tenerife, Spain Abstracts
Chapman Conference on the Effects of Basement Structure, and Stratigraphic Heritages on Volcano Behaviour Nov 16-20
Tagaytay City, Philippines pending
Cities on Volcanoes 4 Jan 23-27
Quito, Ecuador pending
IAVCEI 2006 China May 14-18, 2006 Guangzhou, China pending
Walker Symposium June 12-17,2006 Reykjavík, Iceland Abstracts Volume

QE521.5.G46 2006
International Conference of Evolution, Transfer and Release of Magmas and Volcanic Gases (MAG2007) April, 2007 Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
1st Jóannes Rasmussen Conference: Evolution of Basaltic Provinces

August 29-30, 2007

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands pending
Surtseyan Volcanism: shallow subaqueous explosive eruptions, October 1-9/10, 2007 Las Vegas, Nevada pending
Cities on Volcanoes 5, November 19-23, 2007 Shimabara, Japan

IWARS (Acoustic) Workshop November 18, 2007 Shimabara, Japan pending
IAVCEI 2008 General Assembly
August 18-24, 2008 Reykjavík, Iceland pending
ILP Workshop:"Volcanism, mantle, paleo-stress and sedimentary basins" September 21-26, 2008 Baja California Mexico pending
2008 Collapse Calderas Workshop October 19-25, 2008 La Muralla, Mexico
XI International Meeting “VOLCÁN DE COLIMA” February 2-9, 2009 Colima, Mexico
3rd International Maar Conference April, 2009 Malargue, Argentina
Multidisciplinary international volcanological congress to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Volcán Jorullo's birth in Michoacán, México
September, 2009 Michoacán, México
Cities on Volcanoes 6 - Tenerife 2010 May 31 - June 4, 2010 Canary Islands, Spain
2010 Collapse Calderas Workshop October 3-9, 2010 La Réunion Island
Workshop on Submarine and emergent volcanic arcs and associated volcano-sedimentary basins: facies models, petrology and volcano-tectonics 2-7 May, 2011 Cabo de Gata, Spain

IAVCEI - IAS 4th International Maar Conference: a multidisciplinary congress on monogenetic volcanism 2012: Auckland, New Zealand

20 – 24 February, 2012 Auckland, New Zealand

1st International Congress on management and awareness in protected volcanic landscapes

21-25 May, 2012 Olot, Spain

AGU Chapman Conference on Volcanism and the Atmosphere

11– 15 June, 2012 Selfoss, Iceland

4th International Workshop on Collapse Calderas (Vulsini, Italy)

23 – 29 September 2012 Vulsini, Italy

EMSEV-2012 in Japan

1-5 October 2012 Japan

Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field Workshop: Interpreting maar-diatreme volcanism using base to top exposures, syn-eruptive surface deposits and country-rock strata

21– 27 October 2012 New Zealand

Cities on Volcanoes 7 - Colima 2012

18-23 November 2012 Mexico

IAVCEI Scientific Assembly - 2013: Forecasting Volcanic Activity: reading and translating the messages of nature for society (Kagoshima, Japan)

20-24 July, 2013 Kagoshima Public Access Center, Kagoshima City, Japan
1st International Workshop on Volcano Geology 7-11 July, 2014 Madeira, Portugal
Tephra 2014 - Maximizing the potential of tephra for multidisciplinary science 3-7 Agust 2014 Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA
Cities on Volcanoes 8 9-13 September 2014 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
12th Field Workshop on Volcanic Gases 17-25 November 2014 Atacama, Chile
5th International Maar Conference (Mexico) 17-22 November 2014 Queretaro, Mexico
5th V Collapse Caldera Workshop"Caldera Volcanism and Society" 7-11 December 2014 Taupo , New Zealand NA