The election process in order to decide who will be our representatives in the new IAVCEI Executive CommitteeNomination has been completed.

Report of the Nomination Committee

This report describes the 2011 election process and results for election of the IAVCEI Officers and Executive Committee members. Some recommendations are made for modifying the process. Two candidates were nominated for President, three for two Vice-President positions and six for four members of the IAVCEI Executive Committee. One nominated candidate was assessed as ineligible because their country had not paid IUGG membership fees.


210 voting papers were received. These member numbers and names were checked against the 2011 membership list and six voting papers were invalid because the member numbers and names were either not provided or did not match. No difference to the results would have occurred if these votes had been counted. So the total valid number of voting papers was 204. This number represents one third of the 640 members and is, in comparison to other societies, a good response. As an example the recent election for the Geological Society of London attracted 10% of the members to vote. Members were asked to order the candidates. For the President there was a simple choice between two candidates. For the Vice Presidents there were three candidates for two elected positions and in this case a vote in position 1 and 2 were counted as single votes. There were six candidates for four positions on the Executive Committee and so a vote in positions 1,2, 3 and 4 were counted as single votes. Those below with an asterisk are elected.

The results are as follows:


Ray Cas (AUSTRALIA)* 118 (elected)
Kathy Cashman (USA) 92

Vice Presidents

Steve Self (UK)* 141 (elected)
Hugo Delgado-Granados (MEXICO)* 113
Piero Dellino (ITALY)106

Executive Committee Members

Greg Valentine (USA)* 162 (elected)
Patty Mothes (USA)* 139 (elected)
Hiroshi Shinohara (JAPAN)* 135 (elected)
Karoly Nemeth (HUNGARY/NEW ZEALAND)* 130
Gerardo J. Aguirre-Diaz (MEXICO) 109
Corina Risso (ARGENTINA) 98