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The COSPEC Cookbook: Making SO2 Gas Measurements at Active Volcanoes
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COSPEC Cookbook

Edited by: Glyn Williams-Jones, John Stix and Catherine Hickson
Publication Date: May 2008
Number of Pages: 233 pp.
Publisher: IAVCEI


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Absorption Correlation Spectrometry (M. M. Millán )

Chapter 2

Using the COSPEC in the Field (G. Williams-Jones, J. Stix and P. A. Nadeau)

Chapter 3

Applying the COSPEC at Active Volcanoes (J. Stix, G. Williams-Jones and C. Hickson)

Chapter 4

Navigation Aspects of Airborne COSPEC Determinations of Volcanic Sulphur Dioxide Flux (S. J. Schaefer)

Chapter 5

Large Volcanic-SO2 fluxes: COSPEC measurements at Popocatépetl Volcano (Mexico) (H. Delgado Granados)

Chapter 6

Beyond COSPEC: Recent advances in SO2 monitoring technology (P. A. Nadeau and G. Williams-Jones)