Special Publications of IAVCEI


IAVCEI has been working with the Geological Society of London since 2002 to publish books that that promote and encourage a greater understanding of volcanology. Three volumes have been published in the Special Publications of IAVCEI Series. However, starting in 2013, collections of papers arising from IAVCEI meetings that are too long for the Bulletin of Volcanology will be published in the GSL Special Publications series, but with the IAVCEI logo. This allows IAVCEI authors to enjoy the same benefits as GSL authors. Some key features of the GSL Special Publication series:

• Published online in the Lyell Collection http://sp.lyellcollection.org/

• Published in print as high-quality hard-back books

• High level of access to online version

• Inclusion in Web of Science and Scopus

• Open Access option

• Online First -http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/onlinefirst – significantly reduced publication times

• Three free colour figures in print version for each chapter

• Online submission and review

• Free access to Lyell Collection for research institutions in developing countries

• Discount on hard copies to members of many geoscience societies

More information on the GSL SP series can be found at: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/sp The collaboration agreement also applies to GSL Memoirs: www.geolsoc.org.uk/memoirs The IAVCEI Special Publications Liaison Person is Lucy Porritt (lucyporritt@hotmail.com ). If you have an idea for a Special Publication or Memoir, please contact the GSL Commissioning Editor, Angharad Hills (angharad.hills@geolsoc.org.uk) in the first instance.

Titles published with GSL:


Statistics in Volcanology

edited by Heidy Mader, Stuart Coles, Chuck Connor and Laura Connor (2006).



Studies in Volcanology: The Legacy of George Walker

edited by Thor Thordarson et al. (2009).



The Colli Albani Volcano

edited by R. Funiciello and G.Giordano (2010)

IThere are also volumes planned on Acid Rivers and Lakes of Copahue Volcano, Argentina, edited by Varekamp and Geller.

All IAVCEI members may purchase these books with a 50% discount - they can be ordered online at: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/bookshop

If you are interested in publishing a book on a volcanological topic, please send a brief proposal to the series editors. For the proposal, include the purpose, the expected audience, an outline, and projected submission date. Send to Lucy Porritt at: lucyporritt@hotmail.com and Angharad Hills at: angharad.hills@geolsoc.org.uk



IAV001 Statistics in Volcanology


Editors: H M Mader, S G Coles, C B Connor and L J Connor

ISBN no: 978-1-86239-208-3

Publication Date: November 2006

Pages: 296


Online Bookshop Code: IAV001

Price: List Price £85.00, IAVCEI Members £42.40


Statistics in Volcanology is a comprehensive guide to modern statistical methods applied in volcanology, including forecast of volcanic eruptions, analysis of volcanological data sets, including time series, and assessment of numerical models of volcanic processes. Written for students and researchers in volcanology and statistics, this compilation of 19 chapters provides an overview of state-of-the-art methods that provide clear and robust insight into the nature of complex volcanic processes. Also provided are comprehensive overviews of volcanic phenomena, and a full glossary of both volcanological and statistical terms. Statistics in Volcanology is essential reading for everyone interested in this multidisciplinary field.


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IAV002 Studies in Volcanology: the Legacy of George Walker


Editors: T Thordarson, S Self, G Larsen, S K Rowland, A Hoskuldsson

ISBN no: 978-1-86239-280-9

Publication Date: July 2009

Pages: 416


Online Bookshop Code: IAV002

Price: List Price £110.00, IAVCEI Members £55


Professor George Patrick Leonard Walker was one of the fathers of modern quantitative volcanology and arguably the foremost volcanologist of the twentieth century. In his long career, George studied a wide spectrum of volcanological problems and in doing so influenced almost every branch of the field. This volume, which honours his memory and his contributions to the field of volcanology, contains a collection of papers inspired by, and building upon, many of the ideas previously developed by George. Many of the contributors either directly studied under and worked with George, or were profoundly influenced by his ideas. The topics broadly fall under the three themes of lava flows and effusion, explosive volcanism, and volcanoes and their infrastructure.


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IAV003 The Colli Albani volcano


Editors: R. Funiciello and G Giordano

ISBN no: 978-1-86239-307-3

Publication Date: September 2010

Pages: 400


Online Bookshop Code: IAV003

Price: List Price £95, IAVCEI Members £47.5


The Colli Albani volcano (also Alban Hills volcano) is the large quiescent volcanic field that dominates the Roman skyline. The Colli Albani is one of the most explosive mafic calderas in the world, associated with intermediate to large volume ignimbrites. At present it shows signs of unrest, including periodic seismic swarms, ground uplift and intense diffuse degassing, which are the main short-term hazards. New studies have discovered deposits related to previously unknown pre-Holocene and Holocene volcanic and phreatic activity. In the fourth Century B.C.E. Roman engineers excavated a tunnel through the Albano maar crater wall to keep the lake from breaching the rim and flooding the surrounding countryside, events that had previously destroyed this region several times.

The Colli Albani Volcano contains 21 scientific contributions on stratigraphy, volcanotectonics, geochronology, petrography and geochemistry, hydrogeology, volcanic hazards, geophysics and archaeology, and a new 1:50 000 scale geological map of the volcano. The proximity to Rome and the interconnection between volcanic and human history also make this volcano of interest for both specialists and non-specialists.


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