Choose The Best Phone Trackers

With the rapid expansion of technology for tracking phones, and the numerous options that have come up has made choosing the best phone tracker a little overwhelming. 

A bit more detail about a Phone tracker

You can take into account while considering buying a phone tracker things like the purpose of monitoring, that is who you are monitoring – your kids, your employees or your spouse, the budget, and other diverse features. 

You should also consider the compatibility of the app with your smartphone as well as the target smartphone. A few phone tracker apps entail jailbreaking/rooting as the case may be. 

We’ll discuss here four best phone tracker apps in 2020. While discussing each one, we will focus on the various features. This will help you and make it easy to choose the best phone tracker

There are a few free cell phone tracker apps. These apps have a limited number of features and therefore, may not be that useful. Yet using those apps you can know how to operate and how things go once you start using phone tracker app. Thus, you get oriented to new technology.

What are the uses of a Phone tracker?

You find a phone tracker to be very useful. Today, everywhere there is technology, which makes things easier. However unscrupulous elements can misuse the technology. For example, smartphones used by your kids may be an instrument in the hands of unscrupulous elements to bully them, to send them objectionable content and so on. 

It is, therefore, important to track your kids’ smartphones. This will let you know what your kids are doing online using the smartphone, where they are and who they’re calling and from who they are getting calls, social media messages, and many other things you can know with a cell phone tracker app. 

Likewise, employees can know regarding their employees – what they are doing, where they are, whether they are using the smartphone provided by the company properly and many other things. 

A wife/husband can track their spouse’s smartphone using the phone tracker app if they feel the spouse is cheating them. 

While choosing a phone tracking app, make sure to choose the best phone tracker. By this, you will get one with having the most number of useful features and will get it at a reasonable price.

Criteria for choosing a good phone tracker

While choosing a good phone tracker, it’s important to consider certain points. Consider compatibility of the app with your mobile as well as the target phone, ease of installation, the budget, customer support service and the like. 

Check out if the app you are planning to buy is compatible with the target phone. This is important. Or, you will not be able to track the phone. 

Once you install the app, it should be easy for you to track the target device. The dashboard, login page, should be simple and easy to make tracking easier and hassle-free. 

Installation of the app should be easy. You should not the need rooting or jailbreaking, which ordinary users may not be competent to perform. 


best phone tracker in your kids’ smartphones

The app comes with the various features that are useful for you. For example, you are planning to track your spouse’s smartphone. In that case, it will be better to choose an app that could give you real-time access to the mobile as well as its location and the surroundings. 

Check whether the app can provide on a real-time basis with the help of GPS. 

If you are planning to install the best phone tracker in your kids’ smartphones, check out if the app has an anti-abduction feature to protect your kids by tracking. 

Another important thing is to check out whether you can install the app on the target device without accessing the target physically. 

Make sure to buy an app that you can install in the target device without the knowledge of the user.

Check whether good customer support is offered for the app the best phone tracker app. This is important because when there is round the clock support, you can get your queries if any, easily and quickly.

Budget is a more important criterion while choosing the best phone tracker. You need to choose a plan according to the number of target devices you’re planning to track, the purpose of monitoring, and the importance of monitoring. Along with this, the ease of using also plays a significant role in using the spy app successfully.

Four best phone tracker apps

We discussed here for best phone tracker apps, namely Hoverwatch, Highster Mobile,  FlexiSpy and Spyzie. We discuss here each briefly.

1. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch attracts GPS Signals and collects signals Wi-Fi and sensor information to the user control panel so that you can find the target phone with their ads exact location. 

2. Installation

To start using Haverwatch, create an account on Hoverwatch official website with your email id and password. 

  • Go to settings in the target phone. You must know its password.
  • Go to the target phone browser and then log in to your dashboard on the Hoverwatch website.
  • Under device, you will be taken to download the app. 
  • Once you download the app, install it, furnish the requested permissions. Finally, delete the file.

3. Convenience

One of the most important features is Hoverwatch is once installed, the app continues to track the target phone without the knowledge of the target phone user. 

The front camera photo feature lets you know who used the device at a given point of time – it secretly takes a photo of the user by the front camera of the smartphone when they unlock the device.

4. Pros and cons of the application 


  • It is simple and easy to use 
  • It can be used in the stealth mode 
  • Furnishes screenshots at any moment when you need
  • Routing is not required


  • Cannot be installed in the target phone without physically accessing it
  • Remote installation is not possible

2. Highster Mobile


1. Opportunities 

Highster mobile enable has all the good features including call logs, text messages, address book, emails, GPS tracking, iMessages and the like. It shows you the videos, photos, emails sent and received, bookmarks and browser history.

2. Installation

To install the app, tap on the Internet icon and go to the respective source App Store, Play Store as the case may be. Installation is easy and simple.

3. Convenience 

That enables your firm to record and listen to the surroundings of the target phone father it can be used to control the target phone remotely. Whenever there is a change in SIM, contacts, location or specific words are used in texts and emails it sends alerts to you.

4. Pros and cons of the application


  • The front camera makes spying effective. 
  • Only one-time fee – therefore affordable. Free lifetime upgrading is in the offer 


  • It is good for only basic monitoring 
  • For parents, it is not that great 

It is compatible with Android and IOS but it is not shown with all smartphones

3. Flexi Spy

FlexiSpy is a great app for parents to help them monitor kids and track their activities online. FlexiSpy is compatible with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry systems

1. Opportunities 

This app is designed to help parents to monitor and control their kids’ activities on the internet using smartphones. The app can be installed without the knowledge of the kid and it continues to track the activities online and answers the data so collected.

2. Installation 

You need to have a registered account on FlexiSpy to install the app. The installation process is available in your FlexiSpy account. 

Just log into your account and click ‘Installation Instructions’ and follow the guidelines. 

Note that the default state of the app is visible to the user. Therefore, make sure you disable the ‘Show Icon and Notification’ option.

3. Convenience 

The great features in this app are blocking of websites, geofencing, alerts on profanity. 

The time restriction feature enables parents to home prevent the use of the target or for a certain time.

4. Pros and cons of the application 


  • Call FlexiSpy is the best parental app that enables monitoring and controlling kids 
  • Prices affordable 
  • Enable remote camera snapshots and recording the surroundings of the target phone


  • Android version up to 7.1.2 is compatible
  • Installation is time-consuming 
  • Not easy to use unless you are a tech-savvy 
  • No live chat support – only ticket system 
  • No compress social media monitoring – only Line, Snapchat, Facebook, Kik and WhatsApp is possible.

4. Spyzie


Spyzie can be termed as the best phone tracker because of the diverse features that enable quality tracking of target devices. Spyzie allows monitoring activities on different targeted phones

1. Opportunities 

The app presents data by tracking GPS, tracking keyloggers, web browsing history, monitoring IM chats and more. 

The spying features of the app include text messages, phone logs, social media network, mobile phone data, geofencing and browser history. 

In mobile phone data, parents can track videos, photos, files, voice memos, contact list, reminders, and notes.

2. Installation 

  • To install the app, visit the official website and signup to create an account 
  • Enter the details of the target phone and the Settings. 
  • Access the target phone and install the app without rooting. 
  • Now you can go to the control panel and trace the target phones location.

3. Convenience 

Spyzie stays completely confidential in the target phone. When the app is installed on the target phone, the app’s icon gets erased. There is no need for using PC on a web browser to read data on the target phone. Do it on your smartphone.

4. Pros and cons of the application


  • Installation is easy and simple 
  • It is the best phone tracker for parental control.
  • Rooting/jailbreaking is not required.
  • It is compatible Android 4.0 and beyond; iOS 10.0.0 and beyond


  • Limited spying options for iOS 
  • No preview videos are available. 
  • The app makes the target phone performance slow 
  • It takes 48 hours to for the support to get back to you

Pricing policy (Compare app)


  • Hoverwatch comes in two options – the Personal plan and the Family plan. 
  • The Personal plan is priced at $19.95 for one month, $49.95 for three months and $99.9 one year. 
  • The family plan is priced at $39.95 for one month and $199.95 for 12 months.

Highster Mobile 

  • Highster Mobile comes in only one option – you need to pay once for all. Thus, pay $69.99 and get a lifetime subscription. 
  • There is no monthly fee, hidden costs or any other sort of charges.

 Flexi Spy

  • There are two plants one is the 12-month plan the other is the 6-month.
  • The price for 12 months is $89.00 and is $49.00 for six months.


  • For Android, the pricing policy plans are as follows: 
  • Ultimate Edition
  • $39.99 for one month
  • $49.99 for three months
  • $99.99 for 12 months 
  • Premium Edition (Less Functionality) 
  • $29.99 for one month
  • $39.99 for three months
  • $89.99 for 12 months


Thus, numerous options when choosing the best phone tracker are available. While deciding to buy an app, it is important to consider how far it will be useful for you. 

Whether you are a parent wishing to monitor kids, a businessman wanting to track their employees, a wife/husband suspicious of their spouses wishes to track their smartphone usage, or you are one who wants to test the app as a professional realistically and write a review, it is important to consider the features that each app comes with and the ease of getting the tracked data makes it a stronger reason to choose a particular app.

Also, consider the legal implications of using cell phone tracker. This is because it is not legal to track the smartphones of employees without their written consent as per law. Consult a legal professional before you take a decision on this behalf. 

Parents should also discuss with their teen kids – planning to track their smartphone usage. Or, you will end up getting a feeling of mistrust and resentment between you and your kids. Taking into account all these points while buying the best phone tracker app will help you get the best value for money and the time you invest for the purpose.